About us

Vision4Health is a next generation think tank, fiercely independent of any vested interests and focused on stimulating long term thinking and debate around the future of healthcare.

V4H was established following the publication of “Health Beyond the Fog, a 10-15 year vision for person-centred healthcare in a technology enabled 21st Century”, commissioned by the Royal Free Hospital Charity. The report had filled a gap for a system-level vision for what a future healthcare system could look like if the capabilities promised by the current megatrends affecting healthcare were to land at scale; and it was seen to have the potential to provide a unifying framework for debating the future of healthcare and pulling through the required level of transformational change.

Who’s behind Vision4Health?

Vision for health was founded by the authors of Beyond the Fog – Andy Wilkins and Richard Gold – and backed by the Royal Free Charity and an incredible Steering Group of senior leaders from across the sector.

We believe that:

… current public health and care systems, built around a model of siloed interventions appropriate for an era where the major burden of disease required an acute care response is no longer sustainable and that if a major transformation does not take place, the founding principles of the UK public health system will be seriously at risk.

… current thinking is too short term, too fragmented and doesn’t take into account the long-term potential of technological and medical advances. Work is focused on shoring up a system designed for a different age – and point solutions enabled by technology – rather than on galvanising the ambition and resources required to transition to a system fit to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

… a transformation with an ambition on the scale of 1948 is required; but until now there has been no integrated long-term vision to drive collaboration across one of the biggest and most complex systems in any field of human endeavour in the world.

… based on a systematic rolling forward of current trends, within a 15-year time frame a sustainable public healthcare system that maintains the core principles of the current system (and would also provide much better outcomes for the public, the system and the economy) is a realistic possibility – and we have created a Vision to describe how that might look.

… it will require rethinking the nature of care, the role of individuals and communities and capabilities of the system, empowering people and communities to play a more active role in health and wellbeing.

… by promoting our Vision (“Beyond the Fog”) as a provocation and invitation to debate, we believe we can help to re-frame and coalesce the debate on the future of public healthcare.

Our mission

To create a movement for transformational change and to drive the desperately needed longer-term thinking in healthcare policy. 

We aim to achieve this through changing the public discourse at the level of policymakers, the system and the wider public. Specifically:

       To create awareness of the scale and nature of the medical and technology changes coming and their potential to transform the health and care landscape and economy

       To shift the public healthcare debate around the sustainability of the NHS and wider healthcare system from short term pessimism to long term optimism

       To provide a framework and context for creating the policies, strategies and governance that pull through change and can solve major challenges

       To promote and provoke the level of ambition required to achieve the possible

       To illuminate the nature and form of the always-on, holistic systems-based approach required to address the health and care challenges of the 21st

       To engage the public in understanding what is possible and start new conversations about the future of healthcare

       To ensure the benefits of technology and medical advances are available as widely as possible in supporting a sustainable public healthcare system

In summary, we seek to shine a light on the potential destination beyond the fog of the next 10-15 years so that the huge numbers of stakeholders in the public
health ecosystem are all pointing in the same direction.