Thinking Beyond the Fog workshops

Are you feeling stuck?  Need to engage people across organisational silos? Lacking a shared language about the future? Wish you had a shared north star to guide your team through the fog?  Not sure how to get everyone on the same page so that you can really start to accelerate with shared perspectives and in a shared direction, capable of responding directionally to whatever the system throws at you next?

If any of this resonates with you, then get in touch to discuss how a Thinking Beyond the Fog workshop could help.

 About Vision4Heath”s Thinking Beyond the Fog Strategic Workshops

  •  Vision4Health offers a range of inputs to support the strategic planning activities of organisations across the sector – tailored to your needs
  • All our workshops use the Beyond the Fog vision as a framework for thinking about the longer-term future of healthcare and the organisation’s position within it

Choose from:

  1. An Introduction to the Beyond the Fog vision
  2. A Strategy Workshop tailored to your needs
  3. A Future Health Dialogue to help your team explore their future
  4. “Our Future Healthcare Story” to imagine a relevant pathway in your area
  5. Something more bespoke to your requirements

  There’s more information below, but do get in touch to explore how a Thinking Beyond the Fog workshop can help you

A Thinking Beyond the Fog workshop can help you move from a mindset of “where do we go from here” (where there are many different ‘here’s and many challenges ahead) to one of “how do we collaborate to get to there” (where there is broad alignment on a single ‘there’ and a shared desire to work together to get there) .

Why make a BtF V4H workshop part of your strategic planning process?

There are many reasons to bring Vision4Health into your next strategic awayday, workshop or meeting:  

  • Equip your key people with a longer-term perspective into likely changes at a system-wide level to inform short- and medium-term planning. 
  • Diffuse resistance to change by helping your people get their heads around the implications of the huge changes that are coming and inspiring them with the possibilities – and ambition –  to realise them.
  • Develop a shared sense, across traditional corporate silos, of what oncoming changes could mean for your organisation – and a shared language for talking about it.
  • The Beyond the Fog vision is starting to have an impact across the highest reaches of the system – participation in a BtF workshop enables you to contribute to the further development of the vision and its implications as we aggregate outputs and help the sector point in the same direction.
  • Our workshops are modular and can be tailored for almost any kind of meeting.
  • We use innovative, playful and optimistic facilitation techniques to help ensure positive exploratory interactions, consolidate learning and unlock the potential within your teams.
  • Fees help to support the mission of Vision4Health to promote longer term thinking in healthcare

All of our workshops are underpinned by four principles (which have also driven the development of the report) that together drive coherent, realistic and creative experience:

  •  Systems thinking – to frame ideas within a wider context
  • Emergent strategy approaches – to be able to respond in a fast-changing unpredictable world
  • Design thinking – building understanding across siloes through exploring the future of health with a person-centred framing
  • Psychological safety – to unlock the ideas and potential of everyone in the room

In addition to the content of Beyond the Fog, our founders bring decades of experience facilitating strategy and change across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. We can work with you to tailor the ideal input to your requirements.

In a nutshell, we aim to help you move from a mindset of “where do we go from here” (where there are many different ‘here’s and many challenges ahead) to one of “how do we collaborate to get to there” (where there is broad alignment on a single ‘there’ and a desire to innovate to get there) .

Workshops we offer

Our workshops are tailored to the specific requirements of each client’s strategic process.  

A key element of our approach in developing Beyond the Fog is to be playful and optimistic. This is an approach which we have translated into our strategic workshops, using playful techniques such as LEGO® Serious Play® and design methodologies where appropriate to drive exploratory mindsets and authentic dialogues. 

We offer five types of workshop as shown below. Please do get in touch to discuss what would help you. You’ll find us here:

Introduction to Beyond the Fog

From an hour to a day – longer version includes discussion of trends, vision and implications and an action planning session

Strategy Workshop

An input into your strategic thinking – tailored to your needs
Half day to two days 
Explore your role, required capabilities, the emerging landscape, and create decision making principles

Future Health Dialogue

An input into your strategic thinking – tailored to your needs
Half day to two days 
An exploration of the implications of the report to create an aligned response within your team

Half or full day

Uses LEGO® Serious Play® to build alignment

Our Future Healthcare Story

Build additional Future Healthcare Stories using the same service design methodology we used in developing the ones in the report

One day workshop  

Bespoke workshop

If you have a specific requirement we will do our best to provide the input you need

For more information, please email